Travel & skincare


Recently visited my 36th country, so I guess you could classify me as a fairly well-seasoned traveller. When I look back to my very first trip to Europe in 2007, it’s embarrassing to think about the massive suitcase I lugged around with me for just one week. Needless to say I’m now pretty good at travelling light, but one aspect I still struggle with is my toiletries. Whether you’re going somewhere for a few days or a week, you usually need the same number of toiletries. Not only are these things hard to pack, but if you’re travelling with just a carry-on you also have to think about the 100ml rule for liquids. Of course you can use little travel bottles, but sometimes products like sprays can’t easily be transferred to another container. Jen from The Truth Beauty Company knows how I like to keep things simple, so she helped me pick out a few green products that were less than 100ml.


Instead of my giant generic bottle of micellar water, Jen recommended this Free Foam Micellar Cleansing Water by One Over One. The smell of elderflower is refreshing, and I can use it to remove light makeup if I’m wearing any. It’s also in a 100ml bottle which means I can pack it in a carry-on.

I also restocked my supply of Activated Charcoal Konjac Sponges by WYLD Skincare, which feel like heaven on your face. I use face cloths or handmade face scrubbies at home, but this sponge is a great alternative for travel. It dries quickly, but you can also pop it into a container.

My biggest dilemma was my mineral spray. I love the one I’m currently using - Face Food by Graydon - but it’s in a larger bottle which takes up too much room in my luggage. Instead, I’m trying out this Bergamot Rose Toner by Wildcraft Care; it’s keeping my pores clear and comes in a tiny glass bottle.


Although I love the fact that these green beauty products are natural, organic, and free from harmful chemicals, I’ll admit some brands still have wasteful packaging. As I discussed in my post about eco-friendly swaps for your bathroom, I am trying my best to reduce the overall waste I produce. Many store-bought beauty products tend to come with wrappers and seals that can’t be recycled, regardless of the brand. I went through a phase a few years ago where I tried making all my own toiletries, but honestly this is really difficult when you’re travelling. Not only do you need a lot of supplies, but sometimes DIY products tend to leak which obviously isn’t ideal. In reality, living totally ‘zero waste’ is impossible for most of us; instead, challenge yourself to find small brands that focus on ethically-made products with natural ingredients. If you’re interested in checking out The Truth Beauty Company, you can use the code LUNAR15 for 15% off anything online or in-store.

What are your favourite green beauty products?