Shooting in Scandinavia

Photography: Linnea Ranje © 2019, All Rights Reserved

MUA: Jeannette Alvarado

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

_DSC5554 kopiera.jpeg

At the beginning of March I visited Stockholm for the weekend, and on one of my days there I did a photoshoot with Linnea Ranje and Jeannette Alvarado. I connected with Linnea via Instagram, and she invited Jeannette to join us as the MUA. I love doing photoshoots when I travel because it’s a great way to connect with local people and see more of the city.

Although I’m no longer modelling full-time like I was in Milan last summer, I still enjoy getting in front of the camera. It’s hard to believe that I’ve only been working in the modelling industry for just over a year - it feels like forever ago that I signed with GEMINI.

_DSC4803 kopiera.jpeg

Since I was travelling to Stockholm with just a backpack, I couldn’t bring extra clothes like I usually would to a creative shoot. Jeannette provided some wardrobe options, and we also borrowed a few things from Zara. There were four outfits in total: the yellow pantsuit, this beige coat, a camo shirt with jeans, and the lingerie set. When I look at the photos it’s clear which outfit I feel most comfortable in - can you?

_DSC4485 kopiera.jpeg

For this shoot we did three main locations: a tunnel, the library, and an all-white staircase.

_DSC4352 kopiera.jpeg
_DSC4650 kopiera.jpeg
_DSC5413 kopiera.jpeg

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