Creating Your Home Yoga Practice

Last month I launched my first ebook, and the response has been wonderful so far! I love seeing the sequences you’re creating at home!


If you’re new to this space, ‘Creating Your Home Yoga Practice’ is a 33-page ebook that will help develop confidence with independently practicing yoga at home. Inside this book you’ll find information about safe sequencing, photos/descriptions of yoga poses, a worksheet for creating your sequences, and tons of other info. Once you’ve joined our community, you’ll also receive on-going support through our closed Facebook group as well as discounted one-on-one sessions.

It’s BEAUTIFUL and I’m already using it to develop my home practice. Your instructions are clear and I can hear your voice!
— Jilanna

This ebook can (and should!) be used in combination with my free YouTube videos which include tutorials for various poses, strengthening drills, and short sequences. Have a tutorial request? Send me a message!