Bratislava, Slovakia

If you’re visiting Vienna, Bratislava is a great day trip option. It takes just over an hour on the train and we bought our tickets for 20€ round trip. You can definitely explore the city in a day, but I think it would be worth spending at least one night so you have more time to explore restaurants - I loved the food and it was so much cheaper compared to Vienna. You can view my google map with the places below here.

What to see

Blue Church of St. Elizabeth

This was definitely my favourite building in Bratislava. The eye-popping blue made the church feel like something out of a Dr. Seuss book. Entry is free, but the inside isn’t as exciting as the exterior!

Trinity Church

We spotted this building on our walk from the train station without even knowing what it was. It’s worth a walk by - the picture doesn’t really capture how pink it is.


Michael’s Gate

Built in 1300 and reconstructed in 1758, Michael’s Gate is one of the oldest town buildings. It’s nearby the more touristy shops and restaurants.

Primatial Palace

Another pink building! This one was built in 1781 for the Archbishop and now serves as the seat of the Mayor. Entrance to the gallery is 3€ (closed on Mondays).

St. Martin’s Cathedral

Although this one certainly isn’t as exciting as some of the other buildings in the city, we still added it to our walking tour. Entry is free, but they do have specific tourist hours.


Bratislava Castle

This 9th century castle is hard to miss from its place up on the hill. Unfortunately it rained the entire time we were in Bratislava, so we didn’t make it all the way up. The entry fee is expensive (around 22€) and I’ve heard it’s not really worth the money.

Where to eat

U Sedliaka

Like a lot of countries in this area, Slovakia has three main things on the menu - pork, potatoes, and cabbage. But don’t get me wrong - it was DELICIOUS. We shared a potato pancake and potato dumplings filled with smoked meat. Slovakia is also know for their cheese-based dishes, but unfortunately my dairy intolerance prevented me from trying any of those. If you are looking for traditional food I would highly recommend this place - it’s cheap and tasty without any touristy gimmicks. [17€ for two people - including drinks]

Sky Bar

I stumbled upon this place, and since it was rainy we decided to check it out. The view of the city is amazing from up here, although I’m sure it would be better on a clear day. The cocktails are pricy, but absolutely delicious and creative. [19€ for two]


Tips & Tricks

- Bratislava is definitely walkable, so no need to budget for public transport

- If you are just visiting for the day, try to squeeze in at least two meals - the food is cheaper here than in Vienna.

- Go to the train station a bit early; on our way from Vienna it was standing room only


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