Fancy Toast

Don't you love how something you could make for yourself tastes so much better when someone else makes it for you? Take grilled cheese for example (well, lactose-free grilled cheese in my case). It's probably one of the first meals a lot of people in North America learn to make - literally all you have to do is put cheese between two pieces of bread and fry it in a pan. And yet my Mum offered to make me a grilled cheese last time I was home, and it tasted like the best grilled cheese I'd ever eaten. 


When I discovered Fancy Toast in Milan, I knew I had to visit. Not only did I love the idea of someone else making me toast, but the presentation of their toast options looked AMAZING. Yes, I'm one of those people who drools over beautifully-presented food on Instagram  (check out alphafoodie,, lulusdreamtown, & symmetrybreakfast).


I tried the classic 'Fancy' option: SUPERbread, pink mash, avocado, radish, and pumpkin seeds. It was gorgeous, delicious, and surprisingly quite filling! They have several other savoury options, many of which feature avocado, as well as sweeter options like PB & J or Nutella. There are also three salads on the menu, which you can include in a combo with a drink. 

The place itself is small, but I loved the funky tables and the copper seats. I've noticed a lot of community-style seating at restaurants lately, which I really enjoy as a solo traveller. Thanks Fancy Toast - I'll be back!





Location: Via Alessandro Volta 8, Milan

Price range: 3 - 12 €


What are your favourite toast toppings?  Tell me in the comments below!