Summer Vibes

Photography:  Herman © 2018, All Rights Reserved

Styling: Inga

Location: Parco del Portello, MIlan, Italy


I contacted Herman through Instagram when I first arrived in Milan because I liked his work and was hoping to gain experience with different photographers while building my portfolio. If you are a model, reaching out to photographers through Instagram is a great way to network - I set up three TFP photoshoots in Milan this way. But please be smart about it - don't go to a secluded area to meet someone you don't know, and never be afraid to say no if you're uncomfortable with something. Whenever I am meeting up with someone through Instagram, I always meet in a public place and let someone know where I'm going and approximately how long I'll be. 

Herman chose the location for this shoot (Parco del Portello) and Inga was responsible for styling. I brought a few of my own things (bathing suit bottoms and shoes) but the rest of the clothing was provided by them. This shoot was super fun because I had never done something in this style before, and I was excited to have the chance to showcase my body a little bit more. 


Don't be fooled by my calm face here - I was getting mauled by mosquitos in the grass!


Herman was really wonderful at prompting me, but I was also free to move around and play with different poses. I tried to portray different emotions since this shoot was a little more edgy than many of my other ones. 'Seduce the camera!' 


I love how these ones turned out. The stripes with the checkered path and the roses all came together really well.


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