Above All

Styling: Kristina Chekholko

Designer: Begüm Selin

Photography: Photo by Ricardo Villar & Sannut Prakash © 2018, All Rights Reserved

MUAH: Veruska Lambertucci

Location: Leoncavallo, MIlan, Italy


This shoot was for a student project, and I had a lot of fun being a part of it. The team was wonderful, and I loved the look of the face paint with the graffiti background. I've always enjoyed Halloween and Cosplay, so it was fun to play around with this unusual concept. Some of the clothes were really big on me - which was intentional - and I'm still learning to look comfortable in front of the camera, even when I uncomfortable! There was a giant green wool coat (not shown in these pictures) which was slightly unpleasant to wear in the summer heat, but thankfully I didn't need to wear it for too long.


I was instructed to do more of a blank/neutral look in these photos, which is definitely easier than trying to portray a specific emotion. However, the photographers were making me laugh and there were a few times when I had a hard time not smiling!


I thought this red belt/strap thing was really cool, especially in contrast with the green. 


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