Shooting for Elena Savo

Designer: Elena Savo

Photography: Tania Volobueva © 2018, All Rights Reserved


Location: Milan, Italy

Agency: BOOM Models


This was my first shoot in Milan, and I was pretty nervous. We met really early in the morning, and it was raining which for some reason always makes me feel like something is bound to go wrong. Thankfully the whole team was lovely, including the other model I was working with ( Iryna Kozak ). This was my second time shooting with another person, which I find  tricky because you have to figure out how to look comfortable and connected with a complete stranger. In some of the shots, especially the first ones (not shown here), you can definitely see that we are both a little uncomfortable. These solo shots with the green top and black skirt was my last look, and the shot below is my absolute favourite picture in my portfolio so far.  


The funny part about these photos is that I wasn't wearing a bra (I rarely do), and the top was completely see-through.

Thank goodness for post-production editing.


In the shot above I'm in the middle of a busy walkway in the city. The photographer had me walk back and forth several times, and I was definitely aware of the people watching me as they walked by. I love how this one turned out with Iryna in the background. The photo below was one of those 'in between' moments which actually turned out to be really beautiful. I love candid photos the best, which is why you'll find this one all over my website. I'll let you in on a little secret though - I'm actually trying to prevent the white skirt from being ruined by the wet and dirty walkway while simultaneously balancing on cobblestone in heels.


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