Restaurants in Milan, Italy


During my two months in Milan I found some pretty cool places to eat and hang out. I think it would take a life time to visit all the tasty restaurants, especially since there is such a wide variety of cuisines available. On this list you'll find my top recommended cafes, dessert shops, and restaurants around the city. I also did a feature on Fancy Toast, so make sure to add that to your list of places to visit! You won't find any Italian cuisine on here (except gelato of course!) because I'm lactose intolerant, so my options in most Italian restaurants are limited.


Piazza Buozzi Bruno 5 & Via Lazzaro Spallanzani 16

This place has a really cool modern vibe with spacious indoor and outdoor seating at both their locations. I'm not vegan, but I love healthy meals made from whole foods and their selection is amazing. During my first visit I tried the gnocchi as well as the tempeh with vegetables, then washed it all down with a carrot/ginger/lemon juice. They have new menu items and juices to choose from everyday, so I continued to eat here 1-2 times per week because it was that good. BONUS: Radicetonda uses all recycled/biodegradable packaging, so they are doing their part for the environment too!



Corso Sempione 52, Milan

I really enjoyed this chill place - think low lighting, palm trees, and cute little neon lights. The servers were friendly and the vegetarian poke bowl was incredible. After living in Asia for five years I consider myself a rice expert, and I think this might be the best rice I've had outside of Asia; the texture was absolutely perfect with a nice hint of sesame. Although their location is a little out of the way, I highly recommend checking this place out if you are looking for a trendy Japanese restaurant in Milan. 



Piazza Carlo Mirabello 5, Milan

If you are looking for a modern Indian restaurant in Milan, check out this place. They have friendly staff, classy decor, and a lot of creative menu items. I tried their naan wrap, which I had never heard of before, but it was so good I ended up going back a few times for the same thing!


That's Vapore

Piazza Gae Aulenti & Corso di Porta Vittoria 5

Yet another awesome cafe for healthy food! They have a huge smoothie and juice menu, and also offer a wide range of desserts. I tried the chia pudding (twice) and was not disappointed. That's Vapore has indoor and outdoor seating at both their locations, and a chill atmosphere with giant chalkboard menus.


Vanilla Gelati Italiani

Via Pattari 2, Milan

During my two months in Milan I searched every corner of the city for the best vegan gelato. This place had a decent number of options, and I devoured their pistachio flavour. If you are looking for dairy-free options near Duomo, this is the place.



I Love Poke

Via Tortona 20, Via Fabio Filzi 4, & Passaggio delgi Osii 2

Have a poke bowl craving? Definitely hit up I Love Poke. There are three locations around Milan, their prices are reasonable, and the topping selection is endless. A word of warning though: their large bowl is HUGE. Your meal here could either be healthy or indulgent based on your portions and toppings, but mine was most definitely indulgent!



Bar Luce

Largo Isarco 2, Milan

This place gets a lot of hype because it was designed by Wes Anderson, but honestly I don't think it's worth visiting unless you're a big fan. I will admit the decor is cute and I loved the candy displays, but the menu is small and seating is limited. My friend Sofia is a big Wes Anderson fan though, so I was happy to tag along and indulge in a (very pricey) piece of chocolate cake and prosecco!


Vita Burger

Via Carlo Farini 2, Milan

This is the place to get vegan burgers in Milan. Even though their location is a little out of the way, the trip is so worth it. On my first visit I tried the 'Frankenstein', which is a spinach burger on a purple bun topped with mayo, BBQ salsa, onions, mushrooms, and lettuce. I couldn't believe how good it was. The second time I tried the 'Garibaldi' - an eggplant burger on a red bun topped with jalapeño salsa, tomatoes, onions, and lettuce. I think I liked the Garibaldi better than the Frankenstein, but they were both amazing. Their fries are also incredible; more like potatoes wedges but still crispy and they come served with mayo! 



Via Lazzaro Spallanzani ang. Regina Giovanna 16, Milan

My friend and I planned to meet for lunch here, but I decided to arrive a bit early to get some work done first. I sat inside at the bar-style tables, but there was also outdoor seating available. My chai latte (with rice milk) was great, and the setting was perfect for working on my laptop. The decor is a mix between greenery and industrial, which works quite well in my opinion. When my friend arrived I ordered one of their toast options with avocado, walnuts, and egg. I went back to V3RAW several times during my two months in Milan; the owner is very kind and they make some super tasty vegan desserts!


GelaMi Milano

Via Piacenza 17, Milan

This tiny little gelato shop is one of my favourites in Milan because they use all natural ingredients and have a bunch of dairy-free options that aren't sorbet! The dark chocolate is super rich, and their coconut milk one is also really good. There isn't anywhere to sit, but when you have gelato, who cares?


Via Felice Casati 27, Milan

I happened to stumble upon this cafe while randomly browsing Trip Advisor, and I was really glad I checked it out! Although it is pretty far from the areas where I spent most of my time, it was worth the trip. They have a great healthy lunch menu, as well as a huge selection of freshly made pastries and hot drinks. I tried one of their juices and a croissant with homemade apricot jam - YUM. Pavè is also the perfect place to bring your laptop and get some work done.


Via Bessarione 19, Milan

One of my quests when I first arrived in Milan was to find the best bakery imaginable. I walked into dozens, but was never completely excited about the options. Until I went here. Fonte del Dolce has an enormous selection, and the prices are cheaper in comparison to many other bakeries, especially ones closer to the tourist areas. There is nowhere to sit inside, but it's a great place to grab a treat on-the-go or something to take with you for dessert later.


Via Marco Formentini 5, Milan

This was another cafe that I just happened to stumble upon. Brera is a really cool area of Milan with lots of cobblestone streets, and it's much quieter than a lot of other areas in the city. I sat outside and was absolutely delighted by the tea I ordered, which was served on a tray complete with an hourglass and three mini cookies. It's all in the details.

Have a favourite place to eat in Milan? Have you visited any of these locations? Leave a comment below!