Upcycled Christmas cards


Let’s all admit it: living zero waste is really difficult, especially during the holidays. Last year I encouraged my family to do our part by only using upcycled materials to wrap presents. Take a second and think about how absurd wrapping paper is: we literally pay money to buy a roll of paper that we use to wrap presents…which we rip off and throw away shortly after.

This year I’m living overseas again, so I’m not giving presents to anyone. Instead, I’ll be sending out Christmas cards to my friends and family all over the world. Although the idea of mailing physical cards is perhaps outdated, I still love receiving and sending mail. On the other hand buying cards that most people will throw out after a few weeks also seems wasteful, so I decided to make DIY cards using recycled paper and upcycled materials!

At the beginning of November I began to save bits and pieces from the recycling bin that had fun colours and patterns. I also bought a package of recycled paper and envelopes, although I would love to learn how to make my own paper!


Next I cut out triangles in the shape of a Christmas tree. I wasn’t too particular about the size or shape, then I cut them into strips. Some of these I mismatched, but others I kept together. For the ‘trunks’ of the trees I cut squares out of brown cardboard, then glued everything onto the recycled card. Because some of the materials I used were cardboard, I found white glue (PVA) worked best. And voila; you’re done!


How are you going to reduce waste this holiday season? Comment below!