Vintage shoot in Milan

Photography:  Federica Nardese © 2018, All Rights Reserved

Styling: Federica Nardese

Location: Milan, Italy


Federica was one of the photographers I contacted through Instagram while working in Milan. I absolutely loved her portfolio because her shots had a very gentle, feminine look, and she creates a very empowering experience for her female subjects. Compared to some of the other work I’ve done, this style definitely represented more of who I am ‘in real life’. Although the photos are obviously still posed, I was able to express myself naturally through my movements and expressions, rather than trying to embody a particular emotion.

I think every woman should have portraits taken at some point in her life. Some may call that idea vain, but I think it can be a really important confident booster - and who wouldn’t like to look back at professional photos of their younger selves?


I absolutely love the clothing Federica choose. My personal fashion style is far from feminine, but this dress made me feel like a princess.


Much like my shoot with Herman, these photos were taken outside and I was attacked by mosquitos the entire time!


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