Let's talk hair care.

Up until a month ago I had long hair the reached below my waist. People were often in awe of how long and healthy it was, and would ask about my ‘secret’. Honestly? Do nothing.


I had a pixie cut back in 2010 which I absolutely loved, but it was expensive to maintain and wasn’t ideal for my active lifestyle. Since my hair was asymmetrical at that point, I went through a very awkward phase of growing it out. I wore these weird hair wraps (before they were cool) and spent hours trying to figure out how to make my hair grow faster.

I tried Mane n’ Tail shampoo and a long list of hair masks, but nothing seemed to be working. Then when I moved to China in 2012, I was teaching young children every single day and the easiest thing to do was simply put my hair in a ponytail or braid. During my time in China I lived in a pretty secluded area so I had very few reasons to worry about what I looked like. I started washing my hair less because a) I had nowhere to go beside the 20 feet from my apartment to my school and b) It was so humid that when I did wash my hair, it would stay damp all day. I noticed that my hair was growing faster than it ever had before even though I was actually doing less. When I was in high school I used to wash, blow-dry, and straighten my hair nearly every single day. Throughout university my short hair had to be regularly washed and styled with products. But I now realize all my hair needs is a wash 1-2 times per week - I let it air dry and don’t even brush it.

As I mentioned in my post about Perioral Dermatitis, I had to cut SLS out of all the products I used including shampoo and conditioner. I think switching to all-natural shampoo also contributed to my hair growth as well; my hair is now ‘trained’ to be less greasy and therefore needs fewer washes per week. My favourite is the Jason Natural Long & Strong Jojoba. It’s available through iHerb, which is an online health food store that offers free worldwide shipping.

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I’ve always wanted to donate my hair, but once it finally grew long I fell in love with it. My long hair was quite literally part of my identity, so I held onto it for a few years. However, I finally reached a point where it just got too hot during the summer and too staticky during the winter - I bit the bullet and donated 13 inches this September. I’ll admit my shorter hair still doesn’t quite feel like ‘me’, but as I go through transitions and changes in other parts of my life, getting rid of my old hair seemed like the right choice. Plus, now that I know the ‘secret’ to growing long and healthy hair, I expect I’ll have it back in no time.


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